12 April 2008

Mapping the school

We asked ourselves; how can we show what our school looks like? After taking a walk around the school, we had a go at trying to make a record of everything; from the classrooms to the kitchen, the music room to the French rooms and the library.

Take a look at mine. "I think the paper was the right size because I had to do it quite big. I started in the central space. Then I went along to the nurse's room, then to the main entrance. Then I went to Linda's Class and Mrs Tanimura. Then I did the corridor and the upstairs and downstairs. I did the downstairs just above the upstairs on the paper because I couldn't fit it underneath; there was just a teeny amount of space underneath. I also did a bit of the playground. I know I missed the gym and the music room but I know where they should go. I found it a little bit easy and a little bit hard. I think I kind of did a good job. Other people would be able to use my map to find their way.

How does it compare with the real thing?

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