30 December 2007

the amazing domino machine

My pattern goes pink, green, pink, green and so on. It also goes 1, 2, 1, 2 and so on. There was a special tube where I put the dominoes in and I had to put it in a very special machine that laid them on the table. My best part was when the machine laid the dominoes on the table.

07 December 2007

Patterns on my clothes

The pattern on my dress goes diagonally. It goes pink, purple, purple, pink, purple, purple. It is a complicated pattern. It has hearts on. I am wearing it with my stripy tights. The tights go light purple, pink, light purple, pink and so on.

23 November 2007

I made a mistake

I went to my love to get a kiss
I made a mistake and got a fish

I went to the den to get a hen
I made a mistake and got a pen

I went to the beach to lie in the sun
I made a mistake and had some fun

I went outside to splash in a puddle
I made a mistake and got in a muddle

15 November 2007

Patterns on my socks

FIONA: I just needed pale blue to make this pattern. It is white, pale blue, white, pale blue, white, pale blue, white, pale blue. It is also a 121212 pattern.

07 November 2007

Using Cubes to Make Patterns

My pattern goes like this: pale blue, pale blue, dark blue, dark blue, pale blue, pale blue, dark blue, dark blue and so on… It goes snap, snap, clap, clap, snap, snap….and so on.

13 September 2007

Edible Art

I had fun making my face. I made ears out of tomato and I made a nose out of broccoli and I made eyes out of carrots and hair out of green beans. Her mouth and also her eyes are made out of courgette. I made a crown out of cauliflower and leftover bits.