09 May 2008

Sketching at Chateau de Penthes

Yesterday we took our clipboards, some stiff white cartridge paper and a 3B drawing pencil to Chateau de Penthes. We were going to do some sketching.

I decided to draw the view towards the lake and the mountains. Take a look at my sketch.

How do you think it compares with the real thing?

03 May 2008

Where in the world? continues.....

"The Wilkin's Ice Shelf in Antarctica .....

.....is breaking up; a piece if ice the size on Connecticut is falling off. That is about three quarters the size of Switzerland.....
It's so important, because we are spraying out bad things and we made a hole in the ozone layer and that makes it become hotter and the ice melts and that makes the water rise."

Justin looked worried. 'How are the penguins going to survive?' he wondered.

24 April 2008

Cave Painting (or drawing on the white chalk with a blackboard)

During our Unit of Inquiry on Materials, we started reading the book, 'Stig of the Dump' by Clive King. Stig is a caveman who lives at the bottom of an old quarry close to Barney's grandmother's house. Barney finds Stig one day when he falls through the roof of Stig's den. They become friends, even though they cannot talk to each other.

Since the quarry is no longer in use, people throw all their rubbish away down there; Stig is good at finding new ways in which to use old things.

On the same day that they cut down an enormous tree (getting warm once in the process) and then use it to start a fire (getting warm for the second time) Stig picks up a piece of charred wood and uses it to draw an amazing hunting scene on the chalk wall of the den.

Then we had a go at using charcoal and chalks to make our own hunting scene. We dusted the paper with charcoal powder and smudged it to give it a greyish background. Then we used charcoal and chalk to make our scene.

"I like yours because I like the girl riding the horse," said Danah.

23 April 2008

Tuesday Newsday - Where in the World?

With our current unit in mind, this week we tried to tell 'Where in the World' our news happened.

"The hurricane season is just getting under way in the Atlantic Ocean; experts say that these days, hurricanes happen twice as often as they did 100 years ago. Some people think this might be because of Global Warming; that the seas are getting warmer."

Which is interesting, because Evangeline wasn't sure whether her news was good news or bad news! She told us that in Scotland, even though there is supposed to be Global Warming right now, instead of warm Spring-like weather, it is snowing and people are enjoying being able to ski at the 'wrong' time of year.

12 April 2008

Mapping the school

We asked ourselves; how can we show what our school looks like? After taking a walk around the school, we had a go at trying to make a record of everything; from the classrooms to the kitchen, the music room to the French rooms and the library.

Take a look at mine. "I think the paper was the right size because I had to do it quite big. I started in the central space. Then I went along to the nurse's room, then to the main entrance. Then I went to Linda's Class and Mrs Tanimura. Then I did the corridor and the upstairs and downstairs. I did the downstairs just above the upstairs on the paper because I couldn't fit it underneath; there was just a teeny amount of space underneath. I also did a bit of the playground. I know I missed the gym and the music room but I know where they should go. I found it a little bit easy and a little bit hard. I think I kind of did a good job. Other people would be able to use my map to find their way.

How does it compare with the real thing?

28 February 2008


Invented by Fiona, Giulia and Evie

Rules: No peeking under the blindfold!
The oldest goes first

· Put the cards face down on the table
· Put the blindfold on

· Pick two cards
· Feel them

· If they are not the same you don’t keep them; it is the next person’s go

· If they are the same, you keep them; you have another go

· Who has the most cards when all the cards are gone wins