09 May 2008

Sketching at Chateau de Penthes

Yesterday we took our clipboards, some stiff white cartridge paper and a 3B drawing pencil to Chateau de Penthes. We were going to do some sketching.

I decided to draw the view towards the lake and the mountains. Take a look at my sketch.

How do you think it compares with the real thing?

03 May 2008

Where in the world? continues.....

"The Wilkin's Ice Shelf in Antarctica .....

.....is breaking up; a piece if ice the size on Connecticut is falling off. That is about three quarters the size of Switzerland.....
It's so important, because we are spraying out bad things and we made a hole in the ozone layer and that makes it become hotter and the ice melts and that makes the water rise."

Justin looked worried. 'How are the penguins going to survive?' he wondered.